Traveling #3

“What profit is there in crossing the sea and in going from one city to another?

If you would escape your troubles, you need not another place, but another personality….”


What strange currents are there running through our lives that bring us together and part us; what psychic magnetism draws those who have something to exchange. Is it because in traveling we have put aside some of our persona and perhaps allow more of ourselves to shine through?  Is it because traveling gives us an opportunity to be most ourselves?

We are as anonymous as we want to be on the road and with this anonymity comes freedom, for we are released from our cultural or familial identities. When we have no expectations to fulfill, we can re-create ourselves anew each day. It is the carrying of our personal histories into relationships that stagnate and ultimately doom them to repetitious boredom. After a while we play the roles so much we become the roles and whoever we may be disappears.

We take a trip to “get away,” but it is not to get away from an environment or a job, it is to get away from the person we have been pretending we are. That is why a vacation can be so relaxing; we’re not using up all of our energy playing roles. When we take off for the mountains, we leave behind our role as an accountant or an artist or a father or a husband and become … whoever we wish.

If we play our cards right and have done a good job being a traveler, we come back from our vacations new or at least renewed. Just like Moses coming down from the Mountain- if it was a good trip, you bring back a new agenda.


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