Some of my most favorite books are children’s books – stories like The Little Prince, The Giving Tree, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Secret Garden, Dr. Seuss, Heidi…. I love children’s literature for its simplicity, its truth and the lessons it offers on how to live – and sometimes its sheer silliness.

I started writing children’s stories myself in the early 1990’s and off and on for the next 10+ years contacted agents and publishers trying to get something in print. But being a published author is 50% writing and 50% marketing and I just didn’t have the extra time to do that as well as work as a self-employed marketing consultant. It’s the old ‘you either have the time or you have the money’ conundrum.

Meanwhile, the advent of new technology, the internet, digital publishing, i-books and the like has plunged the traditional publishing industry into a revolution. Although I now have the time to market, the competition is fiercer than ever. There are fewer agents now making less money, publishing houses closing their doors, and chains like Borders going out of business.

On the other hand, I no longer have to wait for someone in a three-piece pinstripe and a royalty contract to give me the high five. Thanks to the internet I can be a writer, editor, designer and publisher on my own. I may not make money from my writing but I will have the satisfaction of having it read. And, although I am aware of internet piracy and intellectual property theft, I chose not to let that stop me.

Therefore, I am announcing the founding of a new publishing house, Laughing Horse Press, that will. in addition to children’s stories, feature poetry, essays and non-fiction. Books will initially be posted in episodes or chapters and then be available in PDF book format for a small charge. Laughing Horse Press will have a separate word press website and a ribbon cutting in the near future. I’ve been looking for a great project and now I’ve found it!



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