I follow a few blogs that I wanted to share with you because I am having such a good time reading them.

The first is As the author says, she is on the journey to becoming her mother. The writer has a delightful wit that will lift your spirits.

Next is This blog has news and reviews for bookish people. I like that the reviews are intriguing and get to the point. Lots of good recommendations.

The third is This is a travelogue type blog and the writer has gone across the country taking pictures, journaling, etc. He has a second trip planned for this year I don’t want to miss.

When I want to feel smart I read Here is a person in love with science and numbers. I often don’t understand what he’s saying but along with Browning I believe “a woman’s reach should exceed her grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

Speaking of poetry when you want some contemporary verse in your life visit This Scottish poet comes up with a short poem for pondering each day.

If graphic novels are more your style, visit the artist/writer Frank Espinosa, creator of Rocketo at

The following are websites of artist/friends: , a talented SF sculptor;, abstract painter from Sacramento; and lastly,, an artist and decoy carver in New York.

Keep those blogs a-rolling!



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