After church on Sunday Mommy and Daddy and Jimmy and I go to Grandma’s house. Mommy has on a pretty dress and Daddy is wearing his suit. Jimmy has new sneakers and I am wearing lots of ribbons in my hair.

Grandma’s house has a big yard with lots of flowers that are for looking at but not for picking. Grandma is standing on the porch with Ralth the Cat and says, “Look who’s here!” She opens the door real wide. She hugs Jimmy and kisses me on the cheek. She smells like cookies.

Grandma is happy because everybody is here. Mommy is happy because she doesn’t have to cook. Daddy is happy because he gets to take a nap after lunch. Jimmy is happy because he likes roast beef. I am happy because we are at Grandma’s house.

Grandma goes to the kitchen, looks in the oven and says, “Almost ready.” Daddy takes a bag of garbage to the alley. Jimmy chases Ralph the Cat upstairs. I help Mommy set the table. The table cloth has lots of holes in it but Grandma says, “That’s the way lace is supposed to be.”

After lunch Daddy puts on the television so he can take a nap. Grandma and Mommy wash the dishes. Mommy says, “Why don’t you buy a dishwasher?” Grandma holds up her hands and answers, “I already have two dishwashers.”

Then Mommy and Grandma sit on the front porch and watch the neighbors walk by. Grandma says, “Mrs. Sweeney has red hair this week.” Mommy says, “Doris Miller is taking yoga and got all tangled up.”

Jimmy says to me, “Let’s play hide and go seek.”  I say, “Okay.”  He says, “You’re it.”  I say, “Okay.” But when he hides I don’t look for him.

I like to come to Grandma’s house because she has lots of things to look at. She calls them knick knacks. That means they break easy. She has pictures of people on the wall. She says, “When I look at them I take a walk down memory lane.” One day she said I would go too.

I like Grandma’s bedroom because there is a big mirror there. I can see all the way from my ribbons to my toes. Grandma says it’s a magic mirror. “Sometimes I can see a young girl looking back at me,” she says. When I look in the mirror I just see me.

Grandma has all kinds of things in her closet – long dresses with sparkles, shoes with bows and big hats with feathers. Sometimes Grandma lets me play dress up and then she says, “You’re a picture of your Aunt Sally,” but I don’t feel like a picture.

Grandma’s bathtub has big round feet like claws. Jimmy says it’s not a real bath tub.  He says, “It’s the skeleton of an extinct dinosaur.” Grandma’s bathroom smells like flowers. When I stay over night, she lets me take a bubble bath. Jimmy says “Bubble baths are for sissies.” Grandma told me when Jimmy stays he takes bubble baths too.

Grandma’s house has an attic way up under the roof. It is real small and full of boxes. Some boxes have clothes in them. Some boxes have Christmas decorations in them. And some boxes have Things in them. Jimmy says a ghost lives in the attic but Grandma said, “No. I scared him away last Halloween.” I won’t go to the attic so Jimmy calls me a scaredy cat. I don’t care because Ralph the Cat won’t go there either.

Grandma’s house has an old dark cellar. Jimmy asked if a monster lives in the cellar behind the big furnace. Grandma said, “No. I scared him away last summer.” Jimmy doesn’t believe her. Ralph the Cat likes the cellar. He goes behind the washing machine and peeks in the corners.  When he comes upstairs, he is smiling and his whiskers are full of cobwebs.

After Daddy’s nap we have ice cream for dessert. Daddy gets two scoops. Jimmy says, “I want ten scoops,” but he only gets one. I say, “One scoop with a cherry on top, please.”  Grandma says, “I really shouldn’t,” but she does. Mommy says she is on a diet and has two cherries.

Jimmy says to me, “You didn’t find me when we played Hide and Seek. I was hiding in the cellar.” I say, “No, you weren’t. You’re scared of the cellar.” He says, “No, I’m not.” Mommy says, “Eat your ice cream.” 

When it’s time to go, Grandma gives me a big kiss. Jimmy gets his cheeks pinched. Mommy hugs Grandma. Daddy says “Thanks for dinner, Mom.” We all get in the car. Ralph the Cat stands beside Grandma on the porch. When Daddy honks the horn, Grandma waves goodbye. We say, “We’ll see you next Sunday,” and blow her kisses.

The end


3 thoughts on “ON SUNDAY WE GO TO GRANDMA’S HOUSE: A Story for Children

  1. What a great story Marie! It sounds just like my life 70 years ago when after Church the family stopped at Gramma’s House. We jused to call her Memere and grandfather was Pepere! Memory lane indeed!
    This would make a wonderful Children’s book! Why not?

    I love you site. thank you.

    Nun Helen


  2. When I was writing this I too was thinking about my childhood 60 years ago. I wondered if families still do that today or if today’s children would know what I was talking about. I wondered if the story was too simple, or even worse, out of touch with today. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Marie 🙂


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