“How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon

From the slow opening curtains of the clouds;

Walking in beauty to her midnight throne.”

George Croly

Scientists have confirmed that water has been found on the moon.  This is amazing; it means … we are free to cut the apron strings of Mother Earth and drift across the face of the universe on the solar winds.  We can now walk to the corner of our block to see if any cars are coming …and cross the street.

Diana, chaste goddess of the moon will now have men walking her pristine landscapes without reverence.  Once the moon has lost its chastity can it continue to inspire lovers?  Once observation towers spike its horizons will anything be hidden from man’s sight.

I wonder if the obelisk a la “2001” will be found on the dark side.  Was Arthur C. Clark a prophet in this as he was with the communications satellite? Have our space brothers left their calling card there in some ice-encrusted crater?  One good alien will do more to obliterate racial and ethnic prejudice than any law. Humanity will at one instant discover its brotherhood.

The religious ramifications on an alien existence are delightful and we will have to give the devil a new face and derivation.  Heaven will require a new location.  We will have to stretch our parameters of God.  He will not only have to be the Father of the plants and animals and stars but of little purple men with suction cup mouths.  Can we look in that face and call it holy?

Us and Them will have to be redefined.  Once the language barriers have been breached, what we will learn of their myths.  Did they also have a Garden of Eden and did a footless tempter dwell there?  Did the female of their species also betray it and have they also been punished accordingly?

Did Christ and Mohammed and Buddha and Lao Tse live and die on their world, too?  Is their God one of mercy or one of obedience?  Is democracy their ideal or a hive-like caste system?  What do they consider beautiful?  Do they eat other life forms to survive or can they live on sunshine?  Do they have a word in their language for guilt?  Or regret?  Do they enslave each other or have they created robots to be their servants – or have the servants won the war? Do they cry when they see a sunset?  Have they seen the birth of a star?  Are they our parents or our children?


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