I don’t paint with the expectation of making money. If I can cover the cost of my supplies and maybe go out for sushi once in a while, I’m feeling pretty successful.  I have sold many pieces of art over the years but no matter how many are gone, more remain. Partly this is due to the nature of art economics.

Let’s say I have a picture that I want to sell for $100. I have to add at least $25 on to that to cover the cost of mats and framing (which I do myself) which brings the sales price to maybe $125. But then I have to add another 50% to cover the commission to the art gallery. The picture now retails for $250 and the potential market for the picture dwindles. Buying original art is still a luxury for most people.

So the other day I was doing one of my periodic rummaging through the art files and saw many, many pieces that for one reason or another will never be entered at an art show, or that I will never get around to framing for my own home. I feel too full! I need to create a vacuum to let more in.

So I had this idea. I have an embarrassment of art riches and I would like to pass some of it on to the readers of my art and writing blogs – like finding homes for a new batch of kittens. I’ve made a new page called “Free Art” on my art website ( I will post pictures and freely give them away for just $10 to cover the cost for postage and mailing materials.

I want to keep it simple so this is how I think it will work. If you would like to have one of the pictures, send me an email with the name of it and your mailing information. If it is available, I will email you back and you deposit $10 to me via PayPal. I will then package the picture in a mailing tube and send it off to you. Voila!  (I am not sure right now if I can figure out overseas mailing – how complicated is it? Will $10 cover mailing costs? Stay tuned for more on this.)

If you don’t see something you like now, come back in a few days. I will put up new pictures weekly or oftener. My babies need homes.


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