Top_10We’re quickly approaching that time of the year when we look back to see what was done, or not. What were the highlights and what should be best forgotten? What did we learn and what did we accomplish? What surprised us and what left us dazed.

I wrote 98 posts this year, about two per week. Like all parents I love my creative children but some are just a wee bit cuter or smarter or funnier. I’ve gone back and read the posts of 2012 and came up with my personal Top Ten. If I’ve miss one you particularly enjoyed, let me know.

Lock, Stock & Barrel: funniest

Sleepless in Sacramento: dreamiest

The Beetle: life

Them That Gots: unemployment analysis

The Great Silence: amen

The Border: a profile

Fractal Journey: the keenest

Left Behind: a heart tugger

Insha’ Allah: a sad one

The Fourth Day: appreciation


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