New Directions

signsWhat’s that saying – A change is as good as a vacation – or something like that? I decided to expand/diversify my energies and so I developed two new blogs this week and this is your invitation to stop by and poke around.

The first website ( focuses on spirituality, philosophy and aesthetics. It is ecumenical in approach and personal in voice. The name of the new blog is “Remembering Our Sacred Self: Reflections on the Journey.”

I’ve included my own book, Ten Powers: Spiritual Strategies to Transform Your Life & Work. This book shows how to make your work, no matter what it is, a spiritual path. The poetry page has a limited collection of sacred and inspirational poetry by others. Soon I plan to begin a commentary on the ancient Chinese works, the I Ching and the Tao te Ching under a page titled Inner Truth.

The other website is a business-oriented one ( For 25 years marketing was my real life job when I was still part of the real world. This blog is titled Marketing Consulting & Business Coaching: For those with a passion for their work (not too jazzy but certainly clear).

It is directed to small business owners who need some marketing support but are too broke to hire an agency. I’m offering the whole consulting/coaching service as on online thing via Skype. Who said I was dragging my digital heels!

I will continue writing at Marie Taylor, Ink and posting artwork on Marie Taylor, Art, but I invite you to visit my new blogs and sign up if interested. Thanks to you all for your continued support and interest.


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