All Souls Day

The Day of the Dead by William Bouguere
The Day of the Dead by
William Bouguere

In the Roman Catholic Church November 2 is traditionally celebrated as All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead. It is the time to remember all who have passed before us and pray for their release from Purgatory and admittance into Heaven.

When I was young I was more frightened of Purgatory than Hell as I could not comprehend ever being so bad it would require that ultimate punishment. I know better now. Purgatory is not in the future but in the present, not there but here. I/we are all in Purgatory now – suffering from our ignorance, our mistakes, our juvenility, not at the hand of God or one of His angels but through our own thoughts, words and deeds.

As I get older I find that there are more dead people than living people in my circle of love. Parents, aunts, uncles, friends and pets have passed before me and are hopefully waiting my arrival. What a reunion that will be! So many dear, sweet faces, such embraces and kisses after so long a separation.

This year I decided to perform a ritual to remember and celebrate all these loved ones who gave me so much. Tonight, when the sky is dark and the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest I will light candles and burn incense and listen to sacred music. I will call each one and bless them, ask for their prayers for me, and find comfort in their presence.

My Family & Friends
My son, Rob
My mom, Mae
My dad, Sante
Uncle George
Uncle Vince & Aunt Jackie
Uncle Dominick & Aunt Mary
Uncle Rocco & Aunt Anna
Uncle Louie & Aunt Lena
Sal & Leo
Rose & Edmund
Bob Taylor & parents
Mimi Simon
Andrew Baron

My Teachers
Jean Kelty
Paramahansa Yogananda
Dr. David Hawkins
Alan Watts
D.T. Suzuki
Father McGovern
Father Latimer

My animal friends:
Mr. Boo


Ora pro nobis


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