Artsy Bits & Pieces

Hydrangea 7 x 8It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about art so today I have collected the bits and pieces of the last few months. I was in five art shows from October through February and was happily surprised when I sold several pieces. I finally ordered more art paper so for the next month or two will be working on new pieces – a new change of pace from all of the writing I have been doing.

Although I am dubious about its efficacy, I have joined the Pinterest crowd and have two bulletin boards – one on ink art and one on mandalas ( ). I’ve read many sterling testimonials by artists saying that Pinterest is a great promoter of their art. I will keep you posted – no pun intended.

INTO THE HILLS 13 x 14A fellow blogger discovered my art and has asked to use some examples on his website. He is a Ch’an (Chinese Buddhism) practitioner based in England. He has much to offer. To visit his site, click here:

Finally, I will be pulling the plug on the Marie Taylor Art blog at the end of March. If you are interested in spiritual topics, poetry, reflections, sacred texts, etc. visit my other blog It is a weekly posting showcasing an example of the sacred text from various spiritual traditions with a very short bio of the writer and my personal comments.

Thanks for your continuing interest and comments.


4 thoughts on “Artsy Bits & Pieces

  1. Congrats on your success!

    I don’t know about Pinterest, either. It seems mostly a prime opportunity to have copyrighted material nicked. That’s one reason I’ve skipped out on it. It’s promoted heavily for writers, too, and if I ever step over there, I’ll definitely pin your work!


  2. Thank you for your recent post and for an interesting and creative site. My Page is available for public viewing and I have already and will continue to update periodically. I shall continue to follow your great blog also.

    With Metta


  3. Thanks for commenting. I have similar hesitation about ‘nicking.’ I guess I don’t care if someone copies a picture and prints it out for their own enjoyment or uses it on their site, but I will take umbrage if they sell it on merchandise, etc. I recall you have been doing a lot of writing also on novels. Big undertaking – hope it all works out better than expected. Marie 🙂


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