After the Storm

On the second day after the storm
that drove the rain
in slanting horizontal bands
outside the window,
all is calm.

The creek whose waters
ran up and over its banks
to touch the brim of the gully
in which it resides, is now confined
and at peace.

The trees which bowed beneath
the power of the wind,
branches kneeling in submission,
now stand straight, limbs glistening
with kisses of small green buds.

The birds which were absent
from telephone lines and trees
now emerge singing
from bushes to preen their feathers
in the watery sunshine.

Dandelions are now scattered,
like a broken necklace,
across the chartreuse grass
while the dark pines, aloof,
look on.

The sky wears pale blue
on its cheeks and now smiles lightly
at passers-by who wear hats
and walk briskly and breathe deeply
in this chill February air.


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