New Art Direction

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

I started a new approach with mandalas this year. The art is more representational rather than the geometric abstracts I have been doing. My cousin Vince, who is also an artist (great wildlife: see categorized them as Zen/Almish/New Wave/Retro. I guess that means it’s hard to say what they are! In designing them I begin with some familiar image and go from there. I love making them as it is a meditation for me that quiets my busy mind. I am not a draftsman or illustrator and they all have a primitive look to them. The medium is ink and markers on Bristol board. The colors are a little more vivid than shown. To see more examples, go to and click on “New Mandalas” on the top menu bar.


4 thoughts on “New Art Direction

  1. Anthony

    Dear Marie. The fact that your pictures cannot be catagorized means that they are successful, insomuch as that which is pure should always be elusive and evasive. Art is what happens when we ‘get out of the way’ so to speak. There is a difference between Atrtful and Art. Your pictures certainly reflect that


  2. Thanks, Allen. A lot of people think that you meditate by looking at a mandala, but it is in making them that meditation happens. Just like with the Tibetan monks that make the sand mandalas. After the mandala is done it is destroyed.


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