Many spiritual traditions use mandalas as a focus of meditation and psychiatrist, Carl Jung, used mandalas with many of his patients for their healing and integrative powers. Personally, I am drawn to the beauty, order and serenity of mandalas whether I am viewing a simple Zen circle or the tapestry-like complexity of the Tibetan and Hindu paintings.

My own immersion in the art form came in 2009. I had been creating and exhibiting Oriental ink wash paintings for nearly ten years. But when a painful illness suddenly developed I was confined to my chair or bed for more than a year.

It was then my earlier interest in mandala art resurfaced. I quickly discovered that working with mandalas not only gave me some relief from pain but also quieted my mind and helped me become more centered.

Since then I have continued to explore and appreciate the infinite variety of design and color that mandala art offers. I have been teaching mandala art at local senior centers, community libraries and art classes in Sacramento since 2015.

Soon I will be returning to painting ink wash art and exhibiting in California.


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